Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'rab الإعراب

Today I was helping my older son Kal doing his Arabic homework. Each day he gets a lot Arabic homework from school. Today he got stuck with I'rab, so I tried to helping a little bit without giving him the answer. Arabic or classical Arabic is a very hard language. It starts from right to left and their is no lower case or capital letters. There too many Arabic rules and they are all complicated and hard to remember.

So today I decided to talk about I'rab and share some cool videos with you. I'rab or Grammatical Inflection is when you take any sentence in Arabic and you analyze each word grammatically. In other words, I'rab is changing of the last vowel of a word on its influencers. 
 So how does I'rab work? 
دَخَلَ الولدُ إلى الصفِّ - The boy enters a class
دخلَ : فعل ماض مبني على الفتح الظاهر على آخره
الولدُ : فاعل مرفوع وعلامة رفعة الضمة الظاهرة على آخر
إلى : حرف جر مبني على السكون المقدر على آخر
الصفِّ : اسم مجرور وعلامة جره الكسرة الظاهرة على آخره

So basically I'rab is diagramming a sentence. For more information about I'rab see this video.

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